We work with filmmakers and production companies; museums; universities; private collections; government agencies; and stock footage libraries. We have been entrusted with some of the most precious, rare, and valuable films ever recorded.


Special Projects:

Anthology Film Archives: preservation of films by Paul Sharits, Wallace Berman, Saul Levine, Carolee Schneemann, Hollis Frampton
Electronic Arts Intermix: preservation of films by Carolee Schneemann
Fales Library at New York University: preservation of Super 8 films by David Wojnarowicz, Andrea Callard, Richard Foreman, Amos Poe, Curt Royston
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum: preservation of footage of Frank Lloyd Wright and construction of the museum, funded by a grant from the National Film Preservation Fund
Jewish Museum: The Goldbergs
National Archives Nixon Library: preservation of super-8 films shot by President Nixon’s top aids in late 1960’s early 1970’s.
New York Public Library: preservation of avant-garde films of Holly Fisher, Marjorie Keller, Larry Gottheim, Storm DeHirsch, Ken Jacobs and Bill Brand
Museum of Modern Art: preservation of “Weegies New York” from a print in the Hampshire College/ Five College collection.
Estate Project for Artists with AIDS and the Fales Library at New York University: preservation of films by David Wojnarowicz, and Jack Waters, with Gartenberg Media Enterprises
The Art Institute of Chicago: preservation of “Art Make-up 1,2,3,4” by Bruce Nauman
Whitney Museum of American Art: preservation of “Shutter Interface” by Paul Sharits for “Into the Light” curated by Chrissie Isle
Chicago Filmmakers: “Grandfather Trilogy” by Allen Ross, supported by the National Film Preservation Fund
Jewish Film Archive at Brandeis University: “Bernstein 1947 Exodus”, supported by the National Film Preservation Fund.
Southern Media Archive, University of Southern Mississippi: preservation of Raisin’ Cotton , an 8mm film shot around 1941 by Emma Knowlton
Lytle on Perthshire: her family’s plantation, supported by Women in Film Preservation Fund
Berkeley Art Museum: films by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Sean Kelly Gallery: Solid Light Films by Anthony McCall
Churner and Churner Gallery: “Forecast” by Anthony Campuzano
Yvonne Lambert Gallery: “Shadow for a While” by Mircea Cantor

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