Film + Video + Digital Post & Preservation
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Film Processing, Telecine, 2K, 4K Scans & Printing

BB Optics is NYC-based with b/w, color neg processing; Super8, 16, S16, 35mm; 2K - 4K scans; Digital Intermediates; Answer Prints, Film Outs; DCP

Film Preservation & Archival Consultation

BB Optics provides aesthetic and technical expertise for all your film, video, and digital preservation needs. We can help you understand what you don't know.

4K Color Grading & Finishing

BB Optics specializes in high definition color grading, editorial, DCP creation, and finishing. We utilize DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, Avid, Premiere & After Effects compositing and visual effects.

Post-Production Supervision

BB Optics excels in the design & execution of the optimal workflow specific to each project. We will help you simplify the complex needs of post-production.